thai cuisine


Our Story


A Bangkok native, proprietor Gai Wilson is more than familiar with the simple yet delectable flavors that make up Thai cuisine. Raised in a traditional Thai home, she was taught at an early age the art of Thai cooking. Her mother taught her and her two sisters the unique flavors of each foreign ingredient and emphasized freshness in its preparation. When she fell in love with the cool breeze and beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, she took her heritage, skills, and good taste to the greater Asheville area.


The Asheville location opened its door in the summer of 2007 and continues to satisfy the cravings of nearby locals and passing-thru visitors alike.  Whether you are new to the depths of Thai cuisine or an avid lover, we invite you into our home for some “good eats”!

What We Believe


At Tamarind Thai Cuisine, we believe that a passion and curiosity for food will lead to an extraordinary experience. We believe that food is meant to be shared and enjoyed together. And lastly but certainly not leastly, we believe that one's first Thai dining experience does not have to be intimidating or scary in any way! We are here to please the palates of first-timers and long-time Thai food-lovers alike. So with no further ado, we welcome you to our table.


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